Pavilion Brekstad / ASAS arkitektur

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  • Architects: ASAS arkitektur
  • Area : 137 m²
  • Year : 2022
  • Photographs :Kristoffer Wittrup
  • Lead Architects : Ola Spangen, Grimur V. Magnusson, Dag Spangen, Katrine Aursand, Tove E. Andersen, Elisabeth Krogh

Pavilion Brekstad is a transformation of an old military bunker located at Fosen in Mid-Norway.
Fosen is a beautiful peninsula with a remarkable landscape meeting the Norwegian Sea in the west and the Trondheimsfjord in the east. The pavilion’s program is dynamic and is designed to be used for private and social events, lectures, and customer visits associated with the farm nearby. The plan is open and flexible so it refurnishing easily can adjust to different occasions.