PADOBOX portable homes

Modular with Cutting-edge Design and Prefabricated with High Performance

Μεταφερόμενοι Οικίσκοι PADOBOX
Μεταφερόμενοι Οικίσκοι PADOBOX
Μεταφερόμενοι Οικίσκοι PADOBOX
Μεταφερόμενοι Οικίσκοι PADOBOX
Μεταφερόμενοι Οικίσκοι PADOBOX


without pu panels for cladding

Security Insulation Aesthetics

What Makes Us Different ?

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Μεταφερόμενοι Οικίσκοι PADOBOX

Seismic Design and Beam calculation to Eurocode 8


Transportable Homes

Prefabricated & modular

Μεταφερόμενοι Οικίσκοι
Υπαίθριο Bar DC2

PBDC2  – 15m²

PADOBOX portable homes are designed and produced by PADO . We are flexible in custom-made designs or layout. Our products are available in variety of dimension ranges and colour choices. PADOBOX can easily conform in particularities and special needs of any application.

They consist of load-bearing metal frames from aluminum or steel with cladding of modern light and durable materials. PADOBOX portable homes can be delivered in the desired dimensions and these are ideal for outdoor installation.

Καπνιστήριο DSP5

PBDSP5  – 15m²

Traditional or Modern ?

high performance solutions for every environment


Traditional Architecture

PADOBOX portable homes

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Οικίσκος προσωπικού Μ-240590

PBM 240590  – 15m²

PADOBOX portable homes are fully harmonized with the bioarchitecture for constructions with increased requirements in terms of design, natural properties of buildings and aesthetics with the use of healthy building materials.

It is a way to build easier, safer, more economical and environmentally friendly, especially when conventional construction lacks, among other things, anti-seismic and sound insulation requirements.

Οικίσκος προσωπικού C-240590

PBC 240590  – 15m²


Modern Design

Μεταφερόμενοι Οικίσκοι

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Οικίσκος προσωπικού ΜC-15

PBMC15  – 15m²

PADOBOX are manufactured with the most modern technology without traditional materials (concrete, bricks, cement, sand, etc.). Standardized cutting-edge technology products are placed on metal frames with support systems and give the desired surface ready for painting or lining after the relevant finishing.

Electrical, mechanical and hydraulic installations are integrated quickly and simply, while the final surfaces are adapted to the requirements of each application. PADOBOX Portable Houses are delivered as a turn-key solution, ready to use while offering the flexibility to adjust the dimensions, external architectural elements and the desired materials.

Υπαίθριο Bar DC1

PBDC1  – 15m²



Entrance Booths

We design and manufacture custom Entrance and Guard Booths that meet all the requirements of safety, functionality and aesthetics.


9m² of a pleasant workplace with a wide view range of 270 °


Metal infrastructure, metal cladding, safety glass, anti-seismic construction.


Pre-installed audio & video communication networks, lighting, plumbing.

portable canteens


A wide variety of designs and dimensions meets all needs


Ideal for corporate events and advertising purposes

Μεταφερόμενοι Οικίσκοι

PBDC5A  – 6m²

Μεταφερόμενοι Οικίσκοι

PBDC6A  – 8m²

Καντίνα DC4

PBDC4  – 6m²


Prefabrication and assembly of standard parts


They are delivered fully equipped with the option of installation

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prefabricated portable bar

Hold your business with flexible solutions. Prefabricated and assembled, it is delivered equipped and ready for use.

from 15m² to 34m²

Useful space

from 6,00m to 13,60m


custom made

It is designed upon request and delivered ready for use. Flexible design.


Fully prefabricated, delivered with platforms up to 13.60m long.


Designed for outdoor use meet all weather requirements.


Easy installation on prefabricated bases or substrate.

Μεταφερόμενοι Οικίσκοι
Μεταφερόμενοι Οικίσκοι

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Frequently Asked

Common queries and answers

Is PADOBOX like a container ?

No, it is made from scratch with load-bearing steel beam infrastructure. Exterior cladding does not differ aesthetically from a conventional building. The variety of options offers complete integration.

Is any permission required ?

The Building Regulation stipulates that any installation with a fixed connection to Networks requires the issuance of a Building Permit.

What about transportation?

Assembled or in parts, it is loaded on platforms of dimensions max 2,50×13,60m and placed in the project with a crane.

What are my choices in cladding ?

Both internal and external surfaces meet all aesthetic and functional requirements. Aluminum panels, wood, plasterboard or tiles offer the desired result.

Is there any beam calculation ?

Yes, they are statically calculated according to the data of the Building Regulation – Eurocode 8 and upon request the study is delivered for reasons of issuing a Building Permit.

Insulation and Sound-proofing ?

Yes, masonry is filled with extruded polystyrene or stone wool on a case-by-case basis and the frames are energy efficient with double energy glazing.


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